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Monday, November 21, 2011


“Did the camera get anything?” I ask Dad and Jackie.

Dad replies, “We are looking at the tape now.”

“There, there,” Jackie exclaims, “That’s a floating orb!  There’s another and another!”

“This place is paranormal central!”

“Did you see that?” So excited, Jackie sprays spit on me.

The hair on the back of my neck stands up, “What are they? And what do they do? Why would anyone call floating bubbles, orbs?” I sarcastically add.

“Christina cool it! Give me a second.  I’m watching this,” Jackie says perturbed by my interruptions.

Staring at the screen, she finally answers me as if she is reading from a textbook.  “The orb is energy being transferred from a source such as, power lines, heat energy, batteries, or people, to a spirit… or orb, so it can manifest.  It may not even be a conscious act.  The spirit is doing what it does.  It’s the way they get their energy.”

Really excited Dad jumps in, “Finally we got something on film.”

“Look! Six floating orbs! It’s an orb hotel out there!” Jackie shouts, “Dad they could be animal spirits.  They don’t have to be people spirits, especially since he’s a vet.  I’ll bet a lot of animals die out there.  And the ones that haven’t crossed over yet, well they are still there,” Jackie whispers.

Standing behind her, I visualize cattle and horses floating through the air.

She pulls herself closer to the laptop, focused on the screen.  “I’m going to import this video into my movie maker program.  I’ll be able to look at the video and audio tracks separately.  Maybe we captured one of those orbs trying to speak with us.”

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